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Fat??! So??
Tuesday. 4.8.08 5:29 am
I am soo thankful that I have healthy self-esteem. I try not to let other peopleís opinions bring me down, but , do I get sick of it sometimes.

You can be anything you want to be in this society except fat. Especially if you are a woman. You would think it was a crime the way our society treats us. Hatred of the overweight is the last accepted form of prejudice in this country it seems, and again, Iím getting sick of it....

When people are rude to me because of my weight, I have a lot of questions start bouncing around in my head... For instance...

Why does it bother you so damn much?? Seriously!! Am I stealing food from you or your family? Am I making you pick up the tab when I go out? Do you have to cook for me?? No?? Then donít fucking worry about it!!

Why do you feel you need to comment on it? Whatís that, asshole? Iím fat?? What the...? *hmmmm.... Are you sure??? Wow, thanks for letting me know!... Now I can take the steps necessary to make you more comfortable with my grotesque appearance... If only someone had told me sooner!

Why do you assume Iím lazy? This one has always baffled me. The majority of lazy fucks Iíve encountered in my 28 years havenít been fat at all. Seriously, think of every pretty boy or skank ass girl youíve ever worked with who didnít do their share at all. Trust me, on this one, laziness comes in all sizes. Iíve been employed most of the last 10 years and believe me, Iím a hell of a hard worker.

Why do you assume I do nothing but eat all day and night? I do have a life. I did have a good job, where I made just as much money (and in many cases, more than!!) the skinny people. I have friends, and a social life and lots of people who are happy to be in my life. Why do you assume I never exercise? IN my own apartment building I walk on the treadmill and stair climber at least 2-3 times a week, so I hate to disappoint you there, too. And just so you know, itís been proven that fat people who exercise are healthier than skinny people who donít.

Why are you so fucking offended by my dress size?? Seriously, are you retarded? Hate me because you met me and think Iím a bitch, but honestly... get a fucking grip. If you hated me because I was black or Jewish, thereíd be an uproar. No difference. I am who I am.

Why should I have to change for you? Go fuck yourself, you ignorant twits.

You know, every fat person has a story to tell as to why they are fat. Just like every alcoholic has a story, every battered woman, every gang member.... People express their emotions in different ways. Some revert to behaviors that others donít agree with. I have had a lot of struggles in my life, but why does this concern you? At one time, I lost over a seventy pounds and I thought that would make me happy, but you know what? I was just a smaller version of my sad self. Enough said.

And ever since my baby died, I have come to realize that life is so short and fragile. I had to deal with drug abuse and came dangerously close to killing myself after that. But I struggled to make it through and regain my self-worth. And Iím going to live for myself from now on, not for society. If I want a Brownie, Iím eating it. You donít approve, then so fucking what? I donít approve of close-minded idiots, yet here we are...

Iím sorry the American "ideal" woman is one who looks like an anorexic little boy. Sorry, but Iím not playing into that. Love me or hate me, but for the love of God, just shut the fuck up and let me live my life...
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It kinda sucks alright. But may I suggest that fat people like us tend to be more honest, loyal and hardworking than those who are so bamboo-skinny that when the tsunami comes, the slight breeze will blow them out of their homes first. And as for the fat ones like us, hell, we sure can float ourselves to safety first!! Anyway, don't be sad or angry about people who judged us (or you) by how we look cos these losers are missing out on the point and fact that we are really nice people to hang around with. Besides, it's their loss if they judged us on how we look, not ours.
» PuNiaoPuNiao on 2008-04-08 08:06:44

OMG, im so agree with u, just dont understand whats wrong with the society, so what if ppl r fat.. is non of their business..... sigh society just another stereotype group...
» jolenesiah on 2008-04-13 06:29:27

amen dear.
» Serendipity on 2008-04-19 03:45:31

You rock Melissa! I don't care that you're fat...because you're my best friend! And we can be fat together ;)
» lazypuppy on 2008-04-22 08:33:11

Amen amen amen
» Sherirella on 2008-04-28 12:19:46

I know what is wrong
Society judges everyone by sex appeal. That is the bottom line. I know first hand. I am overweight. There have been so many times girls didn't want me because I was overweight. I know first hand too about how people prejudge you. They automatically assume you are lazy and weak. Unable to work. I worked with three guys in a warehouse we lifted boxes all day. All of them were very fit and I was able to everything they could. I lifted boxes they wouldn't.

I understand too that losing weight doesn't make you happy. I lost 60 pounds one time. I was almost a normal size. I fell into a dark depression. I just started eating again. Now I am fat again. But I am happy and confident. I don't care if a good lookin girl rejects me cuz I am fat. Who needs a girl like that?

» jacyhenry on 2008-06-13 12:45:54

Honestly, even though it's hard, at least it filters out your true friends. Being fat, you know who's a douche. Those we repel, were never cut out to be a true friend anyhow. I say, fuck them. It weeds out the ass holes. I'm perfectly happy with my plump self, and every time some jackass screams "fatass" as I'm walking down the road, I'm reminded that that person could have woud up being my "friend" in another life. Thank god I'm not surrounded by those superficial pricks. Who needs them, anyhow? I'd rather be judged based on who I am rather than my fuckability. I'm proud of you for bringing up a topic most of us would shy away from. Kudos to you, I say!
» Traumer on 2008-06-17 11:11:25

very well worded.
you know ima have to agree with you there. society has a realy fucked up way of life... if its not cause your black, its cause your mexican, if not cause your mexican, its cause your a woman, and not cause your a woman, its cause your fat;(well cause you dont look like the perfect amarican.) i may not be fat, and i may be white. but i get my far share of bigitry from everyone. its only reasiently that everyone is accepting me. but you know, out of all the people that i know. ima have to say that fat people are the best. and you know what thay say FAT PEOPLE ARE HARDER TO KIDNAP!!!! so meny kudos for you. and keep the good rants coming always a pleaser to here everone eals bitch about society.
» hatchetwarrior on 2008-06-20 12:15:21

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